Grant Co. Approves Funding for Fiber Optic Project

Grant County Supervisors last week approved more out of budget spending to pay for the fiber optic project in the county. Supervisors approved spending just over $4-million in American Rescue Plan Act funding to meet the fiber optic loop goals for this year. That included having just under 100-miles of conduit installed in the county. The fiber optic loop outlined by Information Technology Director Shane Drinkwater included…the Platteville Airport to South Green Field, which goes through the unincorporated communities of Big Patch and Georgetown…South Green Field to Potosi…Potosi to Cassville…Cassville to West Green Field… West Green Field to Bloomington…Bloomington to Millville… Millville to Boscobel…and the Muscoda Spur to the Richland-Grant Telephone Cooperative.

The goal is to have the fiber optic loop installed by next spring. Supervisors later approved using another $16,000 in ARPA funding to buy fiber optic supplies.