PdC/Seneca Girsl Soccer Update

The PdC/RR/Seneca Girls Soccer team played their second game of the season on Tuesday night against La Crosse Central High School. The Hawks were looking forward to challenging competition, and they knew they would find it with Central, as nearly half of the Central roster is composed of La Crosse soccer club players. The weather was also uncooperative and the teams playing 80 minutes of intense soccer in the cold rain and wind, which affected vision, muscle function, and the ability to control the ball.

Up for the challenge, the Hawks played spectacular defense in the first half, holding Central to only one goal and a halftime score of 0-1. In the second half, the Hawks elevated their play even more and showed immense improvement in positioning, ball control, and stopping the attack. Notwithstanding the strong play, Central’s skilled players were able to connect twice in the second half, once off a direct kick from the top of the penalty box and once from the wing with a shot that bounced in off the far post. While not coming away with the win, the Hawks showed immense improvement in the overall play of the game, which suggests a long and promising season ahead. The Hawks were led by excellent defensive performances by their defensive line, Clare Fritsche, Hailie Myers, Hannah Dudgeon, and Kylee Rogers. Tessa Czajkowski Higgins moved into the position of sweeper for this game and supported the defensive line with numerous stops and clearances. Goalkeeper Addee Torgerson had a very solid performance in goal, with 18 saves on the night.

The final score on the evening was 0-3, with Central prevailing. The Hawks are currently 1-1 in their season.