Grant County Accidents

No one was injured when a car sideswiped a milk truck last Tuesday in Grant County. The Grant County Sheriff’s Office says the accident happened when a car was merging onto 81 from 35/61 and the truck was merging on to 35/61 from 81. The driver of the car, 29 year old Savanah Winters of Belmont says she had to merge to the merge to the right to avoid hitting another truck and didn’t see the milk tanker driven by 69 year old Thomas Kramer of Cuba City. The car struck the driver’s side steer tire on the truck with the passenger rear door of her car causing functional damage to the car and minor damage to the truck. The accident is under investigation.

On Thursday morning a one-vehicle crash occurred on Church Road near North Road located in the Township of Paris. 49 year old Christen Bourgeois-Tebbe of Dubuque, was traveling north on Church Road and could not negotiate a left hand curve. The vehicle went off the roadway to the east and through a fence line, and came back onto the roadway. Bourgeois-Tebbe left the scene and continued on to work, and did not report the crash until the next morning. Bourgeois-Tebbe was cited for Failing to Report a Crash to Law Enforcement