Chase Through Fields and Yards, Bloomington Man Arrested

Two Bloomington men are in custody after a vehicle chase that made it’s way through fields and fences Friday.

Christopher Myer, age 18 of Bloomington, was about to be pulled over for speeding on Highway 81 in Beetown Township when he tried to flee from the officer. He drove through crop fields and back onto the highway. As police sighted him again, Myer drove through a yard and into another field and eventually through a fence. The officer did not pursue the vehicle, but did get a license plate number.

Myer was spotted again on the highway a short time later and again took his vehicle into a field. Lancaster police found Myer at his house where he was taken into custody.

Myer’s uncle, Curt Myer (age 49 of Bloomington) arrived and became upset with the officers. According to the police, Curt Myer threatened the officers saying that he was going to ram his truck into their squad cars – which he ultimately did not do.

Curt and Christopher were transported to the Grant County Jail.

Christopher Myer will be refereed to the DA’s office for Eluding an Officer and Criminal Damage to Property.

Curt Myer will be referred on charges of disorderly conduct and obstructing an officer.

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