Grant County Sheriff Warns of Phones Scams

Over the past several weeks, the Sheriff’s Office, and other area police departments, have seen an increase in fraud/scam complaints. billigt securo Most of these fraud complaints involve pre-paid gift cards from area department stores such as Target or Walmart, or online vendors such as Apple, Google, Amazon or Paypal. ivermectin animals

Often, these scammers will attempt to keep the victims on the phone while they go and purchase these types of cards. This way, they can obtain the access code to the card as soon as it is activated. The Sheriff’s Office would like to remind everyone that no legitimate business will ever ask you to satisfy any debt via pre-paid gift cards. To the area businesses that do sell these types of cards, if you could advise your staff that if anyone ever attempts to purchase large amounts of these cards, especially while actively on a phone call at the time of purchase, it is most likely a scam. Also, if family members could help educate other vulnerable adults about this updated scamming process.

Additionally they have received complaints about the following scams:
· Female called regarding getting a call regarding a senior citizen beneficiary award of $250,000. All she needed was a proof of identity and a claimant card and would need to provide 1% of the award to claim it.

· A person claiming to be from the Grant County Sheriff’s office (Capt. Davenport, we have no one by that name) advising sex offenders they needed to provide a DNA sample and writing sample. ivermectina laboratórios
· Another person was called and advised they won $750,000 and in order to claim their winnings, they needed to pay $500 in taxes using gift cards

· A son called for his elderly male father. Received a letter from Homeserve USA Repair Management Corp in regards to Exterior Water Service Line Coverage. The elderly male talked on the phone with the company Wednesday and had agreed to pay $116.36 for coverage. The son heard about it today and called immediately spoke to the bank, so no money was lost and a watch/freeze on his account was placed.

The Sheriff’s Office appreciates your assistance in these rapidly evolving fraud techniques. And remember, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.