Scam Alert Correction from Grant Co. Sheriff

WQPC/WPRE posted a scam alert on Tuesday, April 19th. Since then, one of the scam examples mentioned in the press release was found to be a legitimate business.   Here is an updated press release from the Grant County Sheriff’s office:

On April 18th, the Grant County Sheriff’s Office released a scam alert regarding several alleged scams that happened to citizens in Grant County. One of the alleged scams was the following:

“A son called for his elderly male father. Received a letter from Homeserve USA Repair Management Corp in regards to Exterior Water Service Line Coverage. The elderly male talked on the phone with the company Wednesday and had agreed to pay $116.36 for coverage. The son heard about it today and called immediately spoke to the bank, so no money was lost and a watch/freeze on his account was placed.”

Since this alert was placed, the Sheriff’s Office was contacted by the Homeserve USA company to ensure that they contact home owners as part of their business model.

“By way of background, HomeServe is part of a service industry that has developed over the past eighteen years, that allows homeowners to purchase optional protection against the cost and inconvenience associated with breaks in their water, sewer service lines and other household systems. The development of this industry is, in part, the result of America’s deteriorating infrastructure, where breaks in homeowner water or sewer service lines are a common everyday occurrence.  HomeServe is the nation’s leading provider of these types of peace-of-mind service plans that offer homeowners a smart way to prepare for what can be a very expensive home repair emergency. Under the HomeServe and Service Line Warranty brands, we serve 4.8 million homeowners through over 1,100 municipal and utility partners across the country, and also directly to homeowners. And we are proud to have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and our Service Line Warranty program is endorsed by the National League of Cities and we are members of the Wisconsin City Managers Association and the Iowa League of Cities. In Wisconsin, we serve 21,000 homeowners and in Iowa we serve 74,000 homeowners. In all cases, even when we have partnerships with municipalities, our mailings clearly state that purchasing a service plan is optional, that the offer is from HomeServe or Service Line Warranties and that we are an independent company, separate from the municipality.”