Crossing Rivers Upgrades MRI

Prairie du Chien, WI – Crossing Rivers Health recently completed a two-month upgrade to their MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, unit. This upgrade will result in several benefits to patients requiring an MRI scan to diagnose various diseases or injuries.

The benefits of this upgrade include increased patient comfort due to the larger opening, increased efficiency, resulting in shorter examination times, improved resolution and clarity of images allowing radiologists to identify smaller lesions, and anatomical structures, and ensure a more accurate diagnosis.

“Perhaps the biggest improvement we sought with this upgrade is the use of artificial intelligence,” said Tim Clark, Director of Medical Imaging at Crossing Rivers Health. “The deep learning architecture of this new scanner, known as AiCE or Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine, allows for faster scan times – which means less time in the scanner for the patient. AiCE also provides stunning, exceptionally detailed image quality. The wider opening helps to alleviate a fear of tight spaces that some patients encounter.” Clark added, “This equipment will further enhance the ability of providers throughout our communities to diagnose the needs of their patients.”

Crossing Rivers Health Imaging Medical Director, Anna Myklebust, MD, stated, “The updated MRI has a 1.5 Tesla strength magnet and has many new advances to the software programs allowing 3D images. This allows faster three-plane imaging of the head, organs of the abdomen, breast, uterus, ovaries and prostate gland. This shortens scanning time for the patients, while not reducing the information provided to the Radiologists for up-to-date diagnosis.” Myklebust noted that the software upgrades also help to reduce interference from metal in the body from prior surgery. “MRI scans continue to be offered for the arteries of the brain and neck; imaging of the spine; as well as muscle, tissue, and bone joints throughout the body,” she concluded.

Patients can expect the typical scan can take anywhere between 45 and 90 minutes. Results are generally sent to the patient’s care provider within one day. Crossing Rivers Health imaging staff strive to make the patient comfortable while undergoing an MRI scan and understand that some people can feel claustrophobic. Crossing Rivers Health staff can work with uncertain or fearful patients, as there are several ways to reduce or alleviate concerns patients may have.

Clark noted that this technology is easy to access locally. “Our MRI unit is built into our medical center, so it’s readily accessible for both emergent and scheduled patient needs. The MRI suite is spacious and has a great open feel about the room.” Clark added that patients who are to be scheduled might only expect to wait an average of one week to get in for an MRI appointment, though this can vary due to a patient’s insurance authorization. “A referral is needed for the service, but patients can simply ask their healthcare provider if they can have their MRI performed close to home at Crossing Rivers Health. Providers do not have to be from Crossing Rivers Health to refer here for an MRI.”

 Pictured with the newly upgraded MRI scanner, are Mary and Rachel, Technologists at Crossing Rivers Health.