Pickett Fence Celebrates 25 Years with Donation to Hospice

In conjunction with their 25th anniversary celebration, The Pickett Fence in Prairie du Chien hosted a fundraiser for the Crossing Rivers Health Hospice program.

The Pickett Fence rallied their customers to support Crossing Rivers Health Hospice as part of their anniversary celebration event. “My goal at the beginning was to raise $1,000, but we well surpassed that. Our customers were super, super generous.” said Louanne Davis, owner of The Pickett Fence. Ultimately, $1,750 was donated to the Crossing Rivers Health Foundation’s Hospice Fund. Davis added, “My dad was in Hospice 18 years ago and they not only helped him, but they helped our family a great deal. It meant a lot to us, so we’re always eager to support our Hospice program.”

Haley Kregel, Hospice Social Worker shared, “We’re grateful for the generosity shown to our Hospice program. Donations help to support our program by covering the costs of medications, supplies, and equipment, as well as special programs, like helping to fulfill a patient’s last wish.”

Sasha Dull, Chief Development Officer and Foundation Director, commended The Pickett Fence for their 25 years in business and expressed appreciation for the generous gift. “Louanne and her team have done a great job of keeping their quilt business relevant and thriving. It’s truly a gem in our small community.” Dull added, “Over the years, Lou has been generous to our organization, and others, sharing her successes with the community as well.”