St. Feriole Island to be Closed to All Vehicle and Semi Traffic Thursday Afternoon.

(Updated Thursday, April 20, 2023)

Prairie du Chien Mayor Dave Hemmer announced Wednesday night that with the Mississippi River rising faster than expected, all vehicle and semi traffic is now closed on St. Feriole Island. The latest projections from the National Weather Service have the river reaching a level at or near 23.8 feet by Wednesday.

A slow no-wake will be in effect as well in all flooded navigable waters in the City of Prairie du Chien.

As the river continues to rise, pedestrian traffic on St. Feriole Island may be restricted.

The latest projections from the National Weather Service have the river reaching a level at or near 22.9 feet early next week.

ENTERING RESTRICTED AREAS – The following rules apply in both the City of Prairie du Chien and throughout Crawford County:

1. You can receive permits, at no cost, at Prairie du Chien City Hall between 8 AM and 4:30 PM.

2. All permits will be approved prior to issuance.

3. Permits are required for any businesses located or operating in restricted area.

4. Upon entering any restricted area, you must call the Crawford County Dispatch Center (608-326-8414) and state your name, contact number in case of emergency, and the length of time and purpose for being in the restricted area.

5. Upon leaving, you must notify the Dispatch Center that you are leaving the restricted area.

6. Each time a person enters and leaves a restricted area, they are responsible for moving the barricades that are blocking the road. For example, when you arrive, move the barricade, drive through, and then immediately stop and replace the barricades behind you. Repeat the process when exiting as well.

7. If a business is surrounded by flood waters, the permits do not allow for pedestrian or vehicular traffic through the flood waters.

8. Access by boats is permissible at your own discretion, BUT law enforcement/fire personnel will not transport by boat. Please keep in mind a slow no-wake is in effect for all waters under the jurisdiction of the city of Prairie du Chien.


SANDBAG OPERATIONS – Bags have been filled and delivered to the location at the corner of East Washington St. and North Ohio St. Those who need sandbags should call the EOC at 326-0266. Municipalities and townships that need sandbags should contact their chief elected official. The city and county are looking for volunteers who would be willing to place sandbags around the city and Crawford County. Please call 326-0266 if you would like to volunteer.


  • North Main St is closed from North Main St. to West Miller St.
  • The Washington Street Bridge
  • 4th Street (St. Feriole Island)
  • 6th Street (St. Feriole Island)
  • Roulette Street from Villa Louis to 4th St
  • Fisher Street from Villa Luis to 4th St
  • Bolvin Street only open from Water Street to Villa Louis Road