Crawford County Sheriff’s Office Department of Emergency Management Receives National “Ambassador of Excellence” Award

This prestigious accolade acknowledges the department’s outstanding efforts in a variety of areas:

Weather Spotter Training: The department’s annual promotion of weather spotter training, which is rotated throughout Crawford County, ensures every community is equipped with a trained network of weather spotters. While the National Weather Service (NWS) has not completed in person training in the recent past, Virtual training has been offered. The NWS has slated Crawford County for in person training in 2024.

Educational Outreach: 2023 saw Director Jim Hackett team up with School Resource Officer Liz Volten and teach students in the Seneca School District about emergency planning. Using the “STEP” (Student Tools for Emergency Planning) criteria, an emphasis was placed on weather awareness and safety.

Partnership with NWS: The department’s collaboration with the NWS was instrumental during prominent local events, including the Crawford County Fair and County Line Music Festival. This partnership facilitated daily briefings to monitor potential severe weather conditions and emergency planning.

Proactive Flood Response: Leveraging NWS predictions and collaborative meetings with City/Township/County Officials, the department spearheaded the acquisition and distribution of approximately 20,000 filled sandbags during the county’s third-largest flood in history. Vital assistance came from the Prairie du Chien Correctional Institute, volunteers from the Prairie du Chien School District, Prairie du Chien Chamber of Commerce, and other local businesses.

Post-Flood Initiatives: Efforts extended to sandbag laying, cleanup operations, and preventive measures, including assisting citizens with personal properties by relocating property within the residence onto cinder blocks to mitigate damage.

Community Support: In partnership with Prairie du Chien officials, the department established shelters and provided meals to affected citizens. This was all while managing an additional crisis – a train derailment in Crawford County outside of Ferryville/Desoto.

Weather Radios Distribution: Demonstrating a commitment to long-term weather safety, the department was awarded 50 weather radios to distribute to the public.

Statewide Tornado Drills: The department played a pivotal role in statewide drills by organizing the activation of emergency sirens, confirming school drills, and leveraging the code red texting/calling system.

Director Jim Hackett remarked, “This national recognition celebrates the collective efforts of our county. We’re deeply honored and remain committed to pushing the boundaries of community safety.”

Crawford County Sheriff’s Office Department of Emergency Management consists of: Jim Hackett and Marc Myhre