Crawford County Sheriff’s Office Department of Emergency Management Receives Grant for Narcan Distribution

CRAWFORD COUNTY, WI – The Crawford County Sheriff’s Office Department of Emergency Management is pleased to announce it has been awarded a grant from Wisconsin Public Health under “the Narcan Direct Program.” This significant grant has enabled the department to provide Narcan to the public and other First Responder agencies at no charge.

Since receiving the award, the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office has successfully distributed Narcan to several agencies, including:

MFL Police Department (Monona, IA)

Richland County Sheriff’s Office

Vernon County Sheriff’s Office

Viola Police Department

Richland Center Police Department

Grant County Emergency Management

Grant County Sheriff’s Office

Bridgeport Fire and First Responders

North Crawford Rescue

Ocooch Mountain Rescue

Ferryville Fire and First Responder

Additionally, the City of Prairie du Chien Police Department was also awarded Narcan under this program through their independent grant application.

On October 18th, the Vernon County Sheriff’s Office expressed their gratitude on their Facebook page, stating, “Sheriff Torgerson would like to thank Deputies Jim Hackett and Marc Myhre, with the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office and Crawford County Emergency Management, for including us in your Narcan grant. Several doses have already been distributed to and administered (LIVES SAVED) by emergency services. We are so thankful for such a wonderful working relationship. Thank you, Sheriff McCullick, and Chief Deputy Olson for your leadership.”

Deputy Jim Hackett emphasized the timeliness and importance of this grant, stating, “This grant came at a perfect time for us in Crawford County. We were due to replace all of our expiring NARCAN, which would have been a substantial cost to Crawford County’s budget.” The department was awarded a total of 2,304 doses of NARCAN, which equates to approximately $52,000 in Narcan based on over-the-counter pricing at local pharmacies. Remarkably, this grant required no matching funds, meaning $0 was contributed from local budgets.

Crawford County Public Health was also awarded this grant and is providing free NARCAN to anyone in the public that’s interested.