Crawford County Sheriff’s Office Department of Emergency Management Receives Significant COPS Hiring Grant

The Crawford County Sheriff’s Office Department of Emergency Management is proud to announce the receipt of a substantial COPS Hiring Grant, amounting to $125,000. This significant funding will be instrumental in supporting the salary of a full-time deputy, enhancing the department’s capabilities in maintaining public safety and law enforcement efficiency.

In 2022, the Emergency Management office was the beneficiary of a $76,112.00 grant, which facilitated the creation of a limited-term Investigator position. This role, initially filled by a member of our traffic deputy team, led to the subsequent filling of the vacated traffic position.

The position was established under the BJA FY 21 Rural Violent Crime Reduction Initiative for Law Enforcement Agencies, intended for a two-year trial period.

The FY23 COPS Hiring Program grant marks a pivotal development, transitioning this limited-term role into a permanent, full-time position. The grant will cover 50% of the associated costs over a three-year period. The impact of this position in its initial phase has been nothing short of remarkable, with significant achievements in crime reduction and community safety:

  • Conducted 77 thorough investigations.
  • Seized substantial quantities of illegal substances, including:
    • 323.1 grams of methamphetamine
    • 26.6 grams of fentanyl
    • 1.1 grams of heroin
    • 80.5 grams of cocaine
    • 294.3 grams of marijuana
    • 15.5 grams of THC wax
    • 850 grams of THC edibles
  • Recovered $34,000 worth of stolen property.
  • Carried out 91 interviews with suspects, victims, and witnesses.
  • Issued 172 charges, including those at the federal level.
  • Dedicated 180 hours to surveillance in high-risk areas.

These efforts have significantly contributed to the safety and security of Crawford County, demonstrating the department’s commitment to combating crime and protecting its citizens.

The Crawford County Sheriff’s Office extends its gratitude for this grant and remains dedicated to utilizing these resources for the continued betterment of our community. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of law enforcement and public safety.

For more information on the grant please contact Director Jim Hackett ( for information on the position please contact Sheriff Dale McCullick (