Crawford County Sheriff’s Office Awarded Fentanyl Test Strips Grant

Crawford County Sheriff’s Office Announces Grant for Fentanyl Drug Test Strips to Aid First Responders

CRAWFORD COUNTY, WI – The Crawford County Sheriff’s Office Department of Emergency Management is excited to announce the acquisition of a grant for Fentanyl Drug Test Strips, valued at $4,500. This grant, which incurs no cost to local taxpayers, will provide approximately 6,000 test strips, enhancing the capabilities of first responders in combating drug overdoses.

In a significant move to bolster public safety, these test strips will be made available to all Crawford County First Responder agencies, including our previous Narcan partners:

  • Mar-Mac Police Department
  • Richland County Sheriff’s Office
  • Vernon County Sheriff’s Office
  • Viola Police Department
  • Richland Center Police Department
  • Grant County Emergency Management
  • Grant County Sheriff’s Office
  • Bridgeport Fire and First Responders
  • North Crawford Rescue
  • Ocoocho Mountain Rescue
  • Ferryville Fire and First Responder
  • City of Prairie du Chien Police Department

This initiative is part of a broader effort to prevent drug overdoses and is aligned with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services’ mission to distribute nearly 148,000 fentanyl test strips and kits statewide. These test strips and kits, intended for free distribution, are a critical tool in identifying the presence of fentanyl, a highly potent and often lethal substance found in various illicit drugs.

The Crawford County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to the health and safety of its community. By providing these test strips to all first responder agencies within the county, the department aims to empower these crucial frontline workers with the means to detect and respond effectively to potential fentanyl-related incidents.

For more information on obtaining Fentanyl Drug Test Strips or any related inquiries, please contact the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office Department of Emergency Management.