Snow Emergency for the City of McGregor

A “Snow Emergency” has been declared and will go into effect overnight tonight at 2 a.m. (See ordinance below for more information.) Those without off-street parking are encouraged to use the public parking lots on either side of Steve’s Silver Dollar or the First Street parking lot across from McGregor Municipal Utilities.  Once it stops snowing and the streets have been cleared, the “Snow Emergency” will expire.  At that time, we will circulate an update using the Community Notification System and the City of McGregor’s Facebook page.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


[Snow Emergency.  During a snow emergency no person shall park, abandon, or leave unattended any vehicle on any public street, alley, or public right-of-way, unless the snow has been removed or plowed from said street, alley, or public right-of-way.  Upon declaration of a snow emergency, the Mayor shall publicize the snow emergency parking restrictions.  A snow emergency exists when proclaimed by the Mayor, after consultation with the Street Superintendent, but only in those circumstances where the National Weather Service has predicted that two or more inches of snow or ice will fall in the McGregor area or two or more inches of snow or ice has fallen in the McGregor area.  The snow emergency shall continue through the duration of the snow or ice storm and the 48-hour period after cessation of the storm.  Such emergency may be extended or shortened when conditions warrant.]