Grant County Sheriff’s Office Searching for Suspect in High Speed Chase

On January 26, 2024, at approximately 9:15 am, the Grant County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a one-vehicle crash on Hwy 35 near Sugar Cane Rd located in the Township of Beetown.

After an investigation, it was discovered the driver, later identified as Andrew Dietzen, age 35 from Menasha, was operating a 2007 Cadillac Escalade belonging to a friend, westbound on Hwy 35.  The vehicle crossed the center line into the eastbound lane and then left the roadway on the south (left) side of the road.  The vehicle struck several fence posts and destroyed approximately 100 yards of barbed wire fencing.  Once beyond the barbed wire fence, the vehicle accelerated through the field, around 100 yards, towards a gate.  Dietzen drove the vehicle through the gate to defeat it and get past the second fence line running perpendicular to Hwy 35.  The cattle gate, a 6×6 fence post, and several feet of mesh-wire fencing were destroyed.  After plowing through the gate, the vehicle drove several hundred feet through a second field until it reached a second cattle gate at Hwy 35.

Dietzen stopped to open the second gate and proceeded through it to get back onto the roadway.   Due to the steep embankment and the high snowbanks on Highway 35, the Escalade could not reach the paved surface.  Instead, Dietzen drove the deep ditch line back eastbound, almost to the point where he had initially left the roadway.  Eventually, Dietzen hit a culvert, and the vehicle’s frame became hung up.  Dietzen was not at the scene of the crash when Deputies arrived.  The vehicle had no plates and had several registration violations.  The vehicle sustained heavy damages throughout and was removed by B&M Towing.

It was through further investigation that Dietzen was discovered to be the driver.  It was also discovered Dietzen had been involved in a high-speed pursuit in Waupaca and Outagamie Counties around midnight to 1:00 am earlier in the morning.  As Dietzen had no ties to the Grant County area, Deputies searched the area near the crash for him.  Eventually, Deputies learned a “good Samaritan” found Dietzen walking on a roadway in the crash area and gave him a ride into Lancaster.  Lancaster Police and Grant County Deputies searched for Dietzen for several hours throughout the city.  There had been several sightings at several businesses in Lancaster.

At approximately 2:40 pm, a Grant County Deputy identified Dietzen driving a tan 4-door vehicle with no license plates on the front or rear near W Cherry and Harrison St. in the City of Lancaster.  The Deputy initiated a traffic stop, and a pursuit ensued.  Due to high speeds and erratic driving, and for the general safety of the public, the pursuit was terminated.  Deputies continued to search for Dietzen and made several efforts to get him to surrender to authorities, but he would not do so.

There is a high probability the vehicle Dietzen was driving during the pursuit in Grant County was stolen from the Lancaster area.  If anyone is missing their vehicle, please contact your local authorities.  It is possible Dietzen may still be in Grant County.  If you see him, please do not approach him.  Call the local authorities immediately or call 911.  The Sheriff’s Office does not believe there is any danger to the general public but there are pending charges for Criminal Damage to Property, Felony Eluding, several traffic citations, and likely theft of a motor vehicle.