Monona Jr. Feeders Make Blankets for Pediatric Patients

Partners of Crossing Rivers Health recently contributed $1,000 to the Monona Jr. Feeders 4-H Club for a community service project. The club used the funds to help purchase fleece that made 62 blankets for pediatric trauma and Emergency Room patients at Crossing Rivers Health.

Beth Henkes, RN, house supervisor, and 4-H mom said, “I’ve given out a number of blankets to patients and it helps brighten their day, especially during a difficult time.”

Several other employees from Crossing Rivers Health are actively involved in the Monona Jr. Feeders 4-H Club with their children and grandchildren, Tammy Thompson, Cardiac Rehabilitation Manager; Sarah Nuehring, Nurse Informaticist; Kila Nuehring, RN; and Betsy Hudson, Medical Lab Scientist.

Community service has always been an important part of the 4-H experience. In the 4-H pledge, members state they will strive to use their head, heart, hands, and health to improve their club, community, country, and world. Involvement in community service is a great way for kids to practice their social and leadership skills. It also builds discipline, provides self-satisfaction, fosters respect for others, and promotes civic responsibility.