Ever Seen a “Timberdoodle Dance?”

The beginning of Spring starts with the arrival of the first Robin. However other birds also let us know Spring is on its way. March 6 was the first day the American Woodcock was seen at La Riviere Park on the southeast side of Prairie du Chien. This true sign of Spring is sometimes referred to as the Timberdoodle. The sighting of the Woodcock means that the annual Timberdoodle Courtship Dance, a “peent” call of the male Woodcock followed by an aerial display, is happening.

To experience the courtship flight of the Timberdoodle simply go to La Riviere Park’s Timberdoodle Campsite, a walk-in campsite south of the picnic grounds, at sunset. After a short 10-20 minute wait, depending on the amount of sunlight, you will hear the “peent” calls and possibly see the Woodcock doing its courtship flight. Early to mid-April is the peak time to enjoy the Timberdoodle Dance. La Riviere Park is a 310 acre City of Prairie du Chien nature park located on Vineyard Road.

Persons interested in a guided Timberdoodle Dance hike can contact Dennis Kirschbaum at 608-326-2718 to make a reservation and/or to gather further information.

Photo information: https://fmr.org/news/2016/04/07/phenology/timberdoodle