Flood Update From the City of McGregor

Flooding in the midst of a road construction project is not ideal however, the McGregor City Crew was very fortunate to have the opportunity to work together with our contractors on the Main Street project to get the Hesco barriers in place this week.  Not only did they have more equipment and manpower to offer, they’ve done this before for other communities.  As this work was being done, the Army Corps of Engineers was here and indicated that McGregor has done a nice job of preparing.  In addition to getting the flood walls in place, the manholes are plugged and all pumps have been activated and are being monitored around the clock.  Our sewer system is working very hard and is keeping up right now.  If residents and businesses can take measures to reduce water consumption until flood waters recede, this would be very helpful.

As we continue to monitor the rising flood waters, there is a likely possibility that we will need to expand the flood wall all the way across B Street by Viserion Grain, obstructing traffic to South McGregor.  South McGregor residents who haven’t already evacuated will need to do so before this time.

We will continue to provide updates as we have more information to report.  Stay safe.