Fayette County Drug Arrests

Two separate search warrants in the Fayette County town of Wadena resulted in several arrests. On Saturday afternoon the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office and Department of Natural Resources executed a search warrant at an apartment in Wadena . Marijuana, methamphetamine, and paraphernalia were found during the search. Arrested were 56 year old Steven Lynn Boleyn and 59 year old Kimberly Kay Henriksenof Wadena.

Later that evening the Sheriff’s Office, Northeast Iowa Task Force Members, Division of Narcotics Enforcement, West Union Police, Clayton County Sheriff’s Office, Iowa State Patrol and Postville Police and K-9 Unit executed another search warrant on Empire Road in Wadena that turned up multiple ounces of methamphetamine, liquid and syringes, paraphernalia, and hundreds of dollars in US Currency. Arrested were 60 year old Connie Wilson and 52 year old Frederick Degreif of Wadena. This is the 2nd drug related search warrant executed in the last year at this address, where Wilson and Degreif were arrested for felony drug related charges.