Hit and Run in Grant County

On December 15, 2023 at 1:28 PM, The Grant County Sheriff’s Office received a call regarding a two vehicle crash on Hwy 133 at Peer Rd,
west of Boscobel, WI. The investigating deputy learned that Ricky Kazda, 58, of rural Boscobel, was driving his 2005 Ford F150 going east on
Hwy 133, approaching Peer Rd. He said that a red Chevrolet Aveo did a u-turn in front of him and he was not able to stop his truck prior to
hitting her car. A passenger in the Aveo car reported that the driver had picked him up near there, as the Aveo “ran out of gas” so the female stopped on Peer Rd, and when she got the car going again, she pulled out, facing west near the eastbound lane, and did a u-turn (turning right) to go east, back toward Boscobel. When she did this, she pulled directly in front of Kazda’s truck. The driver of the car fled the scene of the crash as soon as she heard that law enforcement had been called. Both the passenger of the Aveo and Kazda reported to the deputy that the driver had left the scene on foot going west on Hwy 133. Another witness later reported that the female got picked up west of the crash by a person in a blue car, and drove back toward Boscobel. The investigating deputy found a wallet with a driver’s license in the car for Abbigail Hartner, age 21 of Boscobel. The passenger of the car confirmed that she was the driver of the Aveo. Terry’s Tire and Auto of Boscobel assisted at the scene, removing the Aveo.
This crash remains under investigation. The driver will receive citations relating to the cause of the crash as well as hit and run. Other citations
are possible.