City of PDC Sewage Overflow Notice

The City of Prairie du Chien Waste Water Treatment Facility would like to give Public Notice, which is hereby given pursuant of NR 210.21 (5). The N. Main lift station experienced a Sanitary Sewage Overflow (SSO) event from 11:50 AM until 3:00 PM on May 22nd. The estimated gallons of the overflow were 300 gallons. The overflow occurred due to a pump malfunction at the N. Main lift station. City staff were able to set up a temporary pump to resolve the overflow situation which mitigated the impacts to public health, the environment, and property. The SSO event was reported to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources pursuant of NR 210.21 (4). The Sanitary Sewage Overflow did drain down the storm sewer system which flowed to the St. Feriole Slough waterway. The City would ask the all people and their pets reserve from swimming in this area of the slough around N. Main and E. Cedar Street.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

City of Prairie du Chien Wastewater Facility