Livingston Man Convicted of Attempted Homicide After 2021 Incident

A Livingston man was convicted of Attempted Homicide Tuesday as the result of a shooting two years ago outside of a Grant County bar. 54 year old Todd Holder appeared in Grant County Circuit Court for a plea and sentencing hearing regarding the shooting of 36 year old Ari Williams of Madison after a disturbance in a bar almost turned deadly. On June 19th, 2021, Holder and his soon-to-be son-in-law Williams were drinking at the Hell Inn Bar in Livingston when joking led to comments that were perceived to be racially biased were made, and Williams shoved Holder to the floor. Holder then left the bar and went to his house and retrieved a pistol. Holder returned to the bar and summoned Williams outside where he shot Williams four times in the abdomen and once in the face, alleging during the hearing that Williams came at him. Holder was convicted on one count of Attempted 2nd Degree Homicide and was sentenced in Grant County Circuit to a 20-year sentence with 13-years initial confinement and seven years of extended supervision.