Town Hall Meeting on Substance Use Coming Up in Prairie du Chien

Crossing Rivers Health, the Prairie du Chien Police 

Department, and Crawford County Health and Human Services are hosting a town hall-style meeting on Thursday, July 20, to provide an eye-opening presentation on substance use, including the latest trends, what to look for when use or misuse is suspected, and where to turn for help. The event begins at 5:30 p.m. in the George Family Education Center inside the Crossing Rivers Health Medical Center.

According to Prairie du Chien Chief of Police, Kyle Teynor, helping those struggling with drug addiction find resources that can turn their lives around is an approach he supports, as opposed to the punitive aspects of drug enforcement.

Handcuffs have proven not to be a solution to this problem,” Teynor said. “This must be a community approach, that we support, because it ultimately, makes our jobs easier. We do not take any enjoyment in arresting individuals we know will not receive the proper care and treatment while behind bars.”

The 90-minute meeting will feature several professionals speaking on their area of expertise, including:

  • Heather McLimans, LCSW, Integrated Behavioral Health Supervisor, and Dawn Arnold, Public Health Specialist, Crawford County Health & Human Services: Narcan training, resources, opiate education
  • Kyle Teynor, Prairie du Chien Chief of Police: Current law enforcement efforts.
  • Melissa Tairi, Crawford County Justice Programs Coordinator: Treatment options
  • Lacie Anthony, LPC, Crossing Rivers Health Behavioral Health, Community resources

In addition to the informative discussion, a Hidden in Plain Sight display will also be on hand to educate parents on what to look for in their home that might indicate drug use or bring attention to drug culture trends. The event will wrap up with a Q & A session with a perspective from two Treatment Court Program graduates.

We want to bridge the gap between addiction and available resources so that people can seek those treatments and avoid the criminal justice system,” Teynor said.

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